Life coaching today!

Today we begin a new  year in women's life coaching!  I'm so excited and everyone else seems to be too.  Great things happen through life coaching.  People have breakthroughs with issues that have held them back for years.  Some change careers.  Some go back to school.  Some heal.  Some go to the next level from wherever they were at before.  Others are returning life coachers (some for the 4th year!) who have grown in past years and are just ready for the next level.

 We meet monthly and learn and grow together, we go on trips together, we eat a lot of great food, and we do a lot of laughing. 

 It's no wonder why a lot of us can't imagine ourselves without this very special group!


Eagles Wings said…
Boy do I wish I lived in Tampa Bay area again! I'd so be there!
Sharon said…
I agree with Eagles Wings! I want to be there!!!! ;-)