God can do anything
anytime He wants to!

Last night at Fusion was amazing!!!  God was God in His house!

This week is our annual week of prayer and we have something regarding prayer going on each day/night. There was a prayer concert last night at Fusion and it was awesome.  It was just worship and prayer and with no message, no invitation for salvation or anything else but prayer.  But God can do whatever He chooses, as always.  Right in the middle of worship, two people accepted Jesus as their Savior!!   A brand new couple, Louis and Sandy, asked their friends who brought them (Alex and Ingrid) to pray with them to receive Jesus.  We were stoked! 

I could sense this was happening from the piano as I was leading and although we don't embarrass anyone nor make them a spectacle (EVER!)  I said, "you know, in the old days churches were mostly always started through a prayer meeting and God's spirit would move and they would see people come to Jesus right there...and here we are eighteen days from starting Celebration Church, we're in a prayer meeting, and you know I just have a sense that God is doing something tonight just like they used to see in the 'old days' only it's a fresh new 2010 thing that he's doing tonight, and I'm just wondering...does anybody want to come and share what Jesus has done in their life TONIGHT?"  And with that, Louis came to the microphone and said something like, "Yes, I would like to share.  Before I came here tonight I wasn't making good decisions in my life, I was headed the wrong  direction but I have made a new decision tonight and I want to say I have made things right with God tonight and now I am so thankful I can consider all of you my family."  Everyone was just rejoicing and clapping at that announcement and then Alex came up to the stage and told me that Sandy had also just received Jesus into her life and she said it was fine to let everyone know that so I did, and everyone was just thrilled.  We had special prayer for them before we left, that God would strengthen and help them, in this, their first week of their new life in Jesus. 

We could have gone on a few more hours but it was time to go home and besides that we have teleconference prayer tonight and then Prayer and Pancakes tomorrow night.  This is something our church absolutely loves.  We have late night prayer on a Friday from 11 pm - 1 am, and the entire worship team comes and plays for the whole meeting and believe it or not we always have a fantastic crowd for this meeting.  At 1 am, we head out to an all night restaurant for pancakes.  We pack the place out...we usually take up every single seat in the place!!  This time we're going to Perkins.  We usually end up staying til' about 3 am and having a grand time.  Saturday we have 24 hour prayer shifts, with people signed up to pray at home around the clock.  They pray right up until the Sunday morning service starts at 10:30 am.    This is one of my favorite weeks of the year.

In other news, Savanna finally got to try out for the school soccer team yesterday.  We won't know for a few days if she's made it or not.  They make the first round of cuts today and will announce it. 

After Fusion last night we came home and watched the second night of American Idol that we had Tivo'd while we were at church.  All I've got to say is, I love the song, "Pants on the Ground"!  Was that GREAT or what??!!   That is going to be a hit song, for sure!!! 

Shari is going to work with us at Northside/Celebration all day today and we have plans to paint and do more work for the launch.  I can't believe we're 17 days away...


Melissa said…
WOW!! PRAISE YOU JESUS! Now that is a way to start the kick off of Celebration! Sean and I both are so excited for you guys!
BTW "Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground" Not only will this be a hit song (of which I absolutely loved) it would be a great sermon!!! Think about that one :) <3 ya!