5 wacky but true facts

My brain feels fried as I have been going almost non-stop for the launch on Sunday.  We have done so much but still have so much left to do.    Last night I was at the church with Adam putting large portraits on boards for hanging in our foyer and I couldn't stop yawning.  He said, "I can't even imagine the exhaustion you guys are feeling right now..."  It's true we have been going 90 to nothing, but it's all going to be worth it this weekend.

Since I'm  really tired and not up to write anything that requires significant brain power I thought I'd share five random facts about me today that might give pause to somebody there from Seattle to Singapore who is reading this.  I'm not going to qualify them, just put it out there and you can wonder...

Five wacky but true facts about Deanna:

1)  I never finished kindergarten.  
2)  As a kid I almost burned our house down by toasting marshmallows. 
3)  My legal name used to be Melanie.
4)  When I was a pre-teen I had a serious crush on David Cassidy.
5)  I'm a member of two African tribes.


Unknown said…
I love the picture of you in celebration - it's like you're reminding yourself of the gold at the end of the rainbow. Yes, the past few weeks have been exhausting, and there will be a huge gift at the end of it. Imagine the possibilities for those touched by the ministry of Celebration Church!!! Your amazing spirit will see you through this week, and I send you loving thoughts for energy, life, fun and strong coffee. Shred on, sister, shred on.