I just love to breathe. 

I enjoy being by myself.

I like when I'm with a friend with whom silence is comfortable.  When I'm in a truly close relationship with someone we can be laying on separate couches in the same room for hours reading books, and be perfectly fine without saying anything.  If I'm not as close with someone I feel like I need to "babysit" and keep the conversation constantly going.  Not that I don't LOVE conversation.  I do, but close friends become comfortable in either situation.

I wish Adam and Eve would have made different choices.

 I figure out what time it is in Africa and think about what my friends there might be doing.

I think I'll burst if I don't get back to Africa soon.  

I wonder if I'm making enough of a difference at enough things during my time on this earth.

I dream about where the next miracle is going to take place.

I really wish a Dove chocolate had as many calories as a brussel sprout.

I wonder when people will figure out I don't always know what I'm doing.

I have long conversations with myself.

I can't wait to get home and nap with my dog.  She's the best cuddler.  

I can't stop laughing for quite a while.

I wish my Christmas trees could stay up all year.

I love to cook dinner.

I don't.

I feel like a terrible parent.

I wish I had ten more kids because parenting is just so freakin'' amazing!!!
I wonder how I developed some of the mindsets I have when no one in my environment has ever had them.

I wish my heart could truly be exposed to those I love for just a second so they would really KNOW how much I love them.


Unknown said…
Lovely. Just lovely. You are such a joy!