Unexpected holiday stress -- how to survive and thrive!

Today is my monthly column for ministry wives at Take Root and Write.  Today's column was written based upon a message I just brought last night at Fusion, entitled:  "REALITY CHRISTMAS: unexpected holiday stress -- how to survive and thrive!"  Actually all this month in our Fusion services, the theme is REALITY CHRISTMAS.  I decided to tweak the message for the monthly column a bit for ministry women and as we all certainly face our share of unexpected stuff during the holidays, which, lumped on top of our regular happenings can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  If you would like to read the column, just go here.
By the way, tonight is my first big holiday gathering at our home this year -- our church women will be coming to my home for a Christmas party.  My seven trees are ready.   Now I have to just get the house cleaned, get everything set up for the refreshments, and ponder a little more on some things I'm going to do/share with them tonight.  It's going to be a night of encouragement and blessing.  Can't wait!!!   I'm sure I will post photos very late tonight, maybe even past midnight, but keep checking...we'll have some highlights of the greatest women on the planet rockin' around the (seven) Christmas trees.