Lessons from Kathryn:
You just never know...

"Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." 

Yesterday Kathryn told me this is a quote she keeps by her desk at all times, to remind her of this truth every day when she is dealing with clients, or anyone really.  (You never know when a difficult family member is going to call, you know!  Sometimes that can be more challenging than a client.  LOL )
Lately I have coached some job seekers who are in desperate situations in many different areas of their lives, not just a job search.  It's amazing the pain that is out there.  My heart just breaks.  There are times I get in a meeting, the subject of which is supposed to be resume development or marketing but instead the person can't even get to square one with me on that because at the moment the most pressing thing is a personal or family crisis of some sort.     There are many people who are not decking the halls right now or sipping hot chocolate around the fire.  They are just hoping to make it through one more day.  What can you and I do to help them?  We can be kinder than necessary, for everyone we meet is fighting some kind of battle.    


Kristan said…
Thanks - I definitely need to work on this.