Keywords...ready for a great laugh?!

So, on the heels of yesterday's Google search whereby I searched, "Deanna wants"  for humorous value, I thought I'd go to my stat counter and pull up the data on the keywords or phrases that people have searched in the past week to find my blog. 


Seriously.. are you people ready for this?   Get ready to crack up.

From Seattle to Singapore -- this, my peeps -- is how you find me when you forget that I'm right here at  Or, search engines direct you here to the blog when you are looking for a blog post on the following subjects.
The following are the actual keywords, phrases and sentences people searched with to arrive here in the past seven days:

Amazing artist
Deanna Doss
Deanna Doss-Shrodes
Madea (Yep, she's right up there with Deanna Doss Shrodes, LOL)
What does it take to be a person after God's own heart?
Use your resources
You are blessed
The Steelers
Sex (You knew it had to be there)
Getting more sex (why are we not surprised?)
How to make gourmet pretzels
Maddie Shrodes
A bruised reed or smoldering wick
Being intimate
Making almond bark
Pulling my hair out!
Decorating Christmas trees
Women looking for male assistants personal or professional (LOL!!!)
Lessons from Kathryn
If you're from Maryland
Pen-Florida District Council
Criticism  (yeah, it usually comes when I teach about sex or say the word panties, LOL)
Intimate photos of panties (what?!!)
Being a worshipper
Raising your hands in worship
is the church too intimate with Jesus?
Are you serious?
Bladimir Lainez
Intimate Deanna
I'm falling in love with you
Who sings this?