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We need a miracle

This morning Maddie underwent surgery and they found that she has a 50% fractured spine.  This is very bad news.  They do an operation for this and another surgeon was called in but it is $5,000 with no guarantees of success.  We cannot afford that, not to mention, there are no guarantees. 

The second option after surgery is complete cage rest with steroids.  There is no guarantee of it healing with this either, however we asked the veterinarian what she would do it if was her dog and she said (and I'm quoting)  "Give Maddie a chance."  Of course, we will. 

This means 24/7 care and lifting her up (sort of in a sling) every time she has to go potty.  I am probably going to get some of the throwaway pads from Petsmart just so she won't even have to go outside while she's injured.  The doctor says they adjust to going out again after using these, not a problem.  In four weeks or so we should know whether Maddie will be on the mend.  If she is not the doctor says our only real choice left is to put her to sleep.  Of course we have sobbed many tears today...for hours.  I did not post anything until all of our children could be told so that they would not read about it online or hear from someone else.  They have all been informed now, so I am posting. 

The odds are against Maddie in the  natural but would you please believe with us for a miracle?  I have never seen my husband so heartbroken.  We all are, but he especially is.  We want more than anything for her to live and remain with us, but not if ultimately it will cause her more pain.  We just don't know yet whether she will make it or not.  The doctor says in four weeks we will know if she is going to  improve and after that it sometimes takes six months for a dog to fully get on their feet and walk again.  

As far as all of her external wounds (her eye and two spots on her leg) -- she was operated on today and the surgery went well and she is out of surgery and in recovery.  For all of this that the former veterinarian wanted many thousands for, this wonderful vet has only charged us $300.  This is a friend of Michele's.  We are ever grateful.  We are leaving now, to  pick her up at 5:00 pm.  She will get all of the stitches out in 10 days.  

  I know so many of you have been praying, all the way from Australia, to Knoxville, to Dayton, to Charlotte, to everywhere USA.  And our church family has been amazing.  A friend, Sharon Came, said this week that Maddie is a "Kingdom dog!"  I think she is.  So many in God's Kingdom are reaching out to her believing for her healing.  Some might not understand this but those who have pets that are part of the family do understand why this is so important to our family and why we are so broken.  Thank you, extended family of friends, for caring and lifting this need up. 

The bottom line is, we need a miracle within the next four weeks or we may have to say goodbye to our sweet Maddie.  Please believe with us for a miracle. 

  Also, if I do not answer your email, text or call personally please understand, this phone has rang literally 20 times this morning, and emails have been abundant as well.  I appreciate them all SO  MUCH, I can only answer so much at a time though so I am trying to just update with posts here on the blog, answering with blog comments and quick lines here and there on facebook.    I appreciate your understanding and knowing whether I answer right away or not, I love and appreciate you so much!!!!


Melissa said…
My heart is so saddened with this news but ya know what God is a BIG God and He does care for his creation. We will continue to pray that Maddie heals completely and you be in awe of how God heals. Our prayers are with you.
Candy said…
My Dear Family,
We will not LOOSE HOPE! together we will stand in prayer, covering not only for Maddie but for all of you!!!! My heart is broken with you!
Anonymous said…
The tears we cry over our pets, we love them so much and they become part of our family. We went thru the torture of losing our Copper this past year and cried our tears. I pray the Lord would touch and heal your Maddie, that she would be made whole. I pray for His peace to comfort you and that He gives you the strength as you go through this hard time.
Love ya
Cathie Wagers Moran
Eagles Wings said…
Praying for you guys and praying for Maddie, and a miracle...
Love you guys
Anonymous said…
All things are possible with love. And all things are possible with God. Your dog is so loved. The last two posts break my heart.
We adopted a german shepard a couple of years ago. She was a police dog that was being retired. The officer who worked with her drove to pick up his new dog and had her in the car with him but only one kennel. So he let her ride in the front with him. Unfortunately, it was a snowy day and he was in a car accident. The dog in the kennel was fine but our dog went through the windshield. She sustained numerous injuries. She had to have her spleen removed and her front right leg was so badly broken that now it is fused together. She spent 3 months in the animal hospital. That is where she received the best love and care. My baby loves those people. When she sees them she is so excited because they are the reason she's alive today. I went to visit her every chance that I could. At one point I was asked not to come for a couple of weeks because my baby was getting too upset after I left and would rip the bandages off her wounds.
But I want you to know she has made a miraculous recovery. The vet has even said to me that this dog should not be alive today but she is truly a miracle. And it is because of everyones love and support and care that she was given in her time of need. And now she is the most precious family pet. No one would ever guess that she was knocking on deaths door because she can run and play like a puppy again.
Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. And your precious dog is in my prayers. I am pleading the blood of Jesus over your dog. She will be healed through your familys love and devotion and prayers. And she will be the most devoted pet in return. Missy Simpson

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