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Update on Madeline ~ Day 3

Last night Michele and Adam came to close two of Maddie's wounds that needed tissue glue that Michele got from her veterinarian that she used to work for.  (Michele has a veterinary degree and used to do the majority of the work on closing wounds like this at the vet she worked for.  Right now she works in research with animals.)  We are so grateful for their help. 

Maddie got the area by her right eye fixed as well as the open wound on her leg as much as possible.  There was not much skin to close there on the open wound on the leg, so it was glued with tissue glue as well as possible.  Unfortunately this morning the eye area has opened up again.  Not sure why because she has just laid here and not touched it all night.  Would all of you reading please pray that if Michele is able to do it again that the eye wound will stay closed?

There are no graphic photos in here (I promised, remember?)  but just a few from last night that will show how our baby is coming along.  Keep in mind, when all this is done to her she doesn't fight, snap, or even pull away.  She is the most gentle and kind animal on the planet.  Just one reason we love our Maddie Moo.

Adam holds Maddie while Michele prepares to fix eye...

Fixing eye with tissue glue

This glue stuff is amazing!


Maddie's eye once it was fixed with the glue tissue.   Black spots remain and probably will as all the hair from that area was taken out by accident.  That's okay, she's still the most beautiful bulldog in the world.

 Not posting any photos of closing up the other area -- it would break my promise of not showing any more graphic photos.  :)  But thank you Michele for patching up our baby's leg as much as possible.  We are so ever grateful. 

She has been laying down on her little makeshift bed on the floor and one of us always lays next to her, 24/7 on a twin mattress that we brought out into the dining room.  She hates to be alone especially now.  She was rarely alone before the accident -- always playing with, or laying beside one of us.  Especially now that she is in pain, she wants us 24/7 and we are happy to oblige.  :)

She is still not walking -- we have to carry her to go outside to potty.  She can stand for a second or two but plops down immediately because it's just too painful on her back legs.  Keep in mind that really horrible wound photo I showed here yesterday is one of her back legs.  They were hit hard but the vet did tell us they are NOT broken.  However they are sore and Michele says they may have a little nerve damage but we can work them and massage them and do therapy with her.  Basically one of our five family members or friends have been sitting here doing that 24/7.  Please pray that her back legs would be strengthened day by day and that soon she can walk.  We are so thankful that she is here but we need our Maddie to be whole again.


Michele said…
Clarification- I have a vet tech degree and was helping out the need of an animal and my friends
Melissa said…
Michele you are a wonderful friend not only to PD and her family but also to Maddie! PD, we will continue to pray. My Diaper Heads ask me every day how she is, so thanks for keep us posted on her improvement. Love ya!
Anonymous said…
It's awesome to have a vet tech in your life!! My brother is a vet tech and has saved me hundreds in vet bills via phone calls and e-mails :o).
Leanne, please pray. Her wounds opened up again in the middle of the night and she is also not walking. Larry is taking her to Michele's vet right now to see if they can help. Thank you.

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