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The things we do for love...

Here Larry is taking Maddie out with our homemade sling.  You can order professional ones online however we needed one immediately and didn't have time to order.  A towel is doing the job.  We have to keep her a sling when going potty and hold her back end up and try to keep it straight.  The break is right above where you see the towel.  We put her in the sling and she teeters around and wobbles...she is not strong at all and needs us to steady her constantly.  The doctor says if she heals we will notice her steadying as weeks 3 and 4 approach.  Of course we are believing WHEN she is healed, not IF she is healed.  We HAVE to believe!!!

Here you can see the "drains" in her sutures where she got the operation.  I didn't post the close up photos of these because they are really gross looking and I promised no more of those pics however these are far away and not gory but you can see where they operated on that big hole she had there.  Those white things hanging out on her back right leg are drains and tonight Michele is coming to help us take them out.   

Bill Letaw stopped by yesterday to visit Maddie and us.  She so enjoyed his visit and just cuddled up with him while he held her.  He is first and foremost a friend, second he is a church member and on our board of directors.  He is close to our family as well and spends a lot of holidays with us when he is not able to go out of town to be with his family, and we are always so blessed to have him.

Heather Mayercak also stopped by and visited with Maddie.  She has an especially tender heart towards Maddie as she babysat her when she was just a few months old.  She lives just one development over and has volunteered to watch her again when we need her.  (Thank  you!)

Dear friend Emilie Currie came by to bless Maddie with love pats and prayers...the Currie's were on vacation in North Carolina when they  heard about Maddie.  They saw the photos on facebook and Emmy too began crying when she saw them.  

 Bernie and Lisa Currie came too yesterday to show their love to Maddie and to us...we are so grateful for their support and love as always.

Maddie has lots of people reaching out from locally all the way to Australia, to South Africa, to East Africa! My friend from Kenya, Pastor Walter Nyangweso called Tuesday to pray for her! And some of my friends who live in the Mathare Valley Slums of Africa are praying for Maddie. Yes, I'm serious!!! They don't even view their pets the same way we do -- the people are just lucky to be alive there let alone their pets. But my precious friends there care about Maddie because she matters to me and she matters to my family. And they love us. You are probably wondering how I keep in touch with people who live in a slum with no electricity, mail, running water let alone clean water. Well, the young man who keeps in touch with me from there, Peter Difoe, walks many many miles to a free internet cafe in Nairobi to write to me occasionally and let me know what is happening and how I can pray, and also ask me how they can pray for us. The people there are praying for Maddie. When Africans start to pray, look out! They know how to touch heaven!!!

The black scabs are starting to fall of of Maddie's head and there's just pink skin underneath.  We are surprised that they are coming off.  We were told they might be permanent, but evidently God had other plans.   We have hopes that white hair will grow back in.  At first we didn't think so.  Michele says that some spots on her have the hair completely torn out and may just remain black or gray scars.  Whether it grows back in our not she is still our beautiful Maddie, but it makes us happy that some of these are starting to fall off and she might go back to her "old self."  She used to stand up on our bed and stare at herself in my dresser mirror for a long time before she had the accident.  I have been wondering if she will know the difference when she looks in the mirror once she is well.  Hopefully she won't have to see a difference and will be 100% whole and healed.  

 Thank  you for continuing to believe with us.  Several times a day I lay beside Maddie, declare the Word of God over her, and pray over her and tell her we will stand after we have done all to stand.  We will stand while she cannot stand.  People are standing for our precious Madeline all over the world.  And we love you for it.  To many strangers, she would just be "a dog".  To us and to our friends she is "family".


Ruth, PA said…
Maddie is looking better! We're praying! Keep the faith!

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