Pre-Thanksgiving @Shrodes

Savanna enjoys some morning reading and has Maddie duty while Momma makes pies.  She loves school but she told me last night she sure enjoys days like this too where she can sleep and read.  Me too.  :)

Pumpkin pie making...

Here's the finished product!   I make 'em from scratch, just like Grandma...

Setting up two tables in our dining room as well as a few tray tables.  

Maddie parks herself by the window to watch as Daddy preps the jacuzzi for lots of family/friends to enjoy...

She says, "Yep, I know my family loves me!"  Today she even spent some time with us on the patio, while I wiped down furniture, Larry cleaned the jacuzzi and we put out some special stuff for tomorrow night, as we plan to congregate here on the patio with the fireplace and candles, once it gets dark.   We'll get in the jacuzzi, swing on our swings, talk and drink coffee.  MMMmmm perfect night.

Just can't get enough of this sweet girl...she lights up our life every day.  She will be in heaven tomorrow with all these people here to pet her and love on her.  She's such a people person.  (Larry always corrects me, "hon, she's not a person."  Well, to me she is.  End of story.) 

Isn't she healing beautifully?  We are so BLESSED!  Our Thanksgiving miracle.