Friends, I am in a meeting for the next several hours and can't email or call any of you but I am just taking one second to post and tell you that Maddie was in such condition this morning (her wounds opening up, not using her back legs at all, being very sluggish) that we needed to take her to a new vet, recommended by Michele. 

She is being operated on right now (12:15 pm) and will be done at 5:00 pm tonight.  I will update you as soon as she is out of surgery and we bring her home.  Thank  you so much for praying for her throughout today as they are working on her. 

 We had amazing favor with this vet as far as working this out financially with us, and we are so grateful for your prayers as well as Michele's friendship and recommendation which made all this possible.



Ruth, PA said…
We are praying! Thank you for keeping us posted. Many hugs to you all!! <3
Melissa said…
Continuing to pray for Maddie! Must be a big surgery with all that time alotted. Praying for complete restoration and healing of your baby girl Maddie!