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People keep giving me these KIND bars  from different places...and it seems they are all the rage.    Believe it or not, the first one I ever had was in Africa!   I was in a land rover riding for hours through some of the roughest terrain imaginable, coughing from the dirt swirling around me.  I was headed back from Kenya Kids Home (orphanage) and it had been so many hours since I had eaten.  I was having one of those weak feelings come over me and my friend Barb Kuert who is a missionary to Kenya said to me, "here, have one of these KIND bars..."    So my first introduction to them is a beautiful memory since it happened in the place that has such a grip on my heart. 

KIND  bars are growing on me, and actually the whole subject of actually being kind is too.  About 15 years ago I was really wrong about something.  I know, I aren't surprised.  

I invited a well known speaker to come and preach at one of our women's events and  I was so anticipating what was going to take place at the meeting.  I was expecting a Holy Ghost meltdown, and instead the speaker got up, quoted, "Be ye kind one to another" and gave more like a little "speech" or "talk" as they are so often called today.  The whole speil was about how we needed to be kind to each other and let people in line in front of us at the grocery store and all that kind of stuff. 

She brings this "talk" and then after a few minutes turns it back over to me to close in prayer.

 "Seriously???!" was exactly what I was thinking.

 "Are you seriously coming here after all I was anticipating, getting up here and telling my ladies we need to let people get in line in front of us in the grocery store and that's it?" 

To say I was a little miffed is an understatement.  I was kind to her, but inside I was a little frosted.  One of my leaders asked me afterwards, "were you expecting something more, PD?"  "Well, yeah, you could say that..." I responded.

My thought at the time was just, "this is so basic...everyone should know it already...why have I gone through all this time, trouble and expense to bring the speaker here to tell us this??"

Today my thought is completely different.  This past weekend Lisa Bevere talked about this in one of her messages.   I thought about how relevant this is for today.  There is such a famine of kindness that we do need ministers to rise up and sound the call that we must, "be ye kind one to another."  We've got to focus on telling people how important it is to shine the light by simple acts like letting people in line ahead of us, driving with courtesy, or helping someone purchase something they need and don't have the financial resources for.  To me this has always been a no-brainer however I suddenly realized this past weekend during Lisa's message that over the past few years kindness has taken a major hit in our world.  There is such a shortage of it there are actual books, churches  and a whole movement that has spawned the "Random Acts of Kindness" or "Conspiracy of Kindness" ministries which I think are wonderful.

The real truth is that some of us will sponsor a child in Cambodia or we will go even go  overseas ourselves on a mission.  However, while doing those things we sometimes treat the people around us like crap.  And many times we treat those in our household with more contempt than we do a cashier in a checkout line or the guy who cuts us off in traffic.

I realized this weekend that with the shape our world is in right now, we needed a "kind" message a long time ago.   I myself should have been listening up years ago, instead of tuning out.  A Holy Ghost meltdown occurs in people's hearts when we are kind.  In fact it's the kindness that melts and softens their heart in the first place.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for this post, I just had a really rough weekend with hubby and I wasn't kind at all to him. Which could have caused a really bad situation with him and our children. Thanks for the simple reminder of doing this at home and with those that we love! EaglesWings
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this post, I just had a really rough weekend with hubby and I wasn't kind at all to him. Which could have caused a really bad situation with him and our children. Thanks for the simple reminder of doing this at home and with those that we love! EW
This is so TRUE PD!

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