"Just Say It" Series:

Honoring the PK's

Today's post fits in perfectly with the blog series I've been doing as of late, so here goes...

My husband always tells church people, "if you want to bless me as your pastor, just love my kids."  It's so true.  Nothing matters more to pastors and pastor's spouses than the church members loving their children.  My children haven't always had positive experiences in their past, in fact as I blogged about recently, they have had to experience some healing through times they have had at pastor's kids retreat, summer camp and just talking things through with us, and a few other special people in their lives.  There are a group of people in our church that have been a MAJOR part of my children's healing process. 

Today something awesome happened.  Pastor Appreciation was during the month of October but they wanted to extend it a week.  This morning, Pastor George and Irene and Becca came to the platform and did a presentation for our children.  They called them up and talked about how special they are and gave each of them a gift.  They talked about how pastor's children go through many trials as a result of being PK's and live under a microscope and are often judged.  Many of them don't end up as Christians because of that kind of treatment but Irene said, "the Shrodes children do...they do all follow Jesus and they serve His church as well, and we are so proud of them and we love them..." Our kids were just beaming from ear to ear!   This was really the best part for us.  Seeing our kids encouraged and affirmed means everything.

After this they called Larry and I up to stand with the kids.  Adam (board member) and Cathy (our assistant) came up and told the congregation once again about our upcoming trip (just my husband and I by ourselves) to Tennessee, and then presented us with a check that was an offering taken by the church for us.  Adam reported that there was a great outpouring of support for this pastor appreciation and that in fact the check they were presenting us was for largest pastor appreciation offering EVER in the history of our church.   Wow and double wow!!!
The trip and the offering are amazing.  But truly nothing makes Momma and Daddy happy like seeing our children blessed.   If we gain the whole world but lose our children -- nothing else would matter.  Yes -- it's really important that God's people love on PK's.  Thanks Northsiders...soon to be Celebraters -- for all you are and all you do!