Making a big bed for Maddie

Last night Madeline was pulling at her stitches so we had to put the cone on her head for her to go to sleep.  But she was crying.  She was very uncomfortable with the cone laying down on the blankets on the floor, and reaching for me as I was laying up on the twin mattress.  I couldn't take it and my heart just broke for her.  Yes, I know she "has me wrapped around her paw..."
Larry went into Jordan's room and pulled his queen mattress out of the room (Jordan wasn't home last night) and put it on the floor, and put the twin right up next to it, making a big bed on the floor.  I made a circle of big pillows around it so she couldn't roll off.  And she and I slept in the middle, together.  No cone on her head, just my arms around her, holding her paws all night so she couldn't rip at her stitches with her paws or her mouth.  Her face was right up next to mine.    You can see here below the "big bed" we constructed. 

I think we will probably stay in this "big bed" sleeping routine with me holding her until she gets the stiches out Friday. I know we will have a lot of work to do to get her back into a routine of being by herself in the future, but after seeing her so  hurt and in pain it is just hard not to reach out and hold her and love on her all we can.  She did stay in the kennel with the cone on while we were at church yesterday and while we were at work today.  Both almost ripped my heart out but we had to.  I will be glad when we are settled back into a routine -- thank you for your prayers as they are continuing to strengthen her.  She is trying to stand more although she is not healed yet.  We called the vet today to ask what to do when she tries to stand and walk.     The doctor says she is definitely not ready to walk and we need to put her in the cage more.  I will try but Lord have mercy it rips my heart out to hear Maddie cry.

Here is a photo I took [above] today of her one side that was really injured...all of this black line you see is an injury.  Normally all of this is white hair on her body -- none of it is normally black.  You can see how messed up this side got.  But it looks 100% better than it did a week ago!  Praise God! 

When I look at these injuries and see her sweet face and hear her cry and reach for me, how can I just leave her there?  The big bed was the only answer, in my opinion.  Now Michele would probably differ on her opinion...LOL


Michele said…
You are funny PD- LOL- soon she will get her sutures out - just think of that-and the big bed well yeah I differ on that- but you do what makes you feel better- once the sutures are out it will be easier for you to place her in her crate :) Love you
PS she is looking so much better