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Getting ready

Today I'm preparing for an amazing Thanksgiving!  This is my favorite holiday.  I enjoy special times like this and extending hospitality ALL the time, but especially on this day. 

Aside from one coaching meeting, all day I will be cooking, cleaning, and getting all in order for 14 people to be with us for the big day tomorrow.  Somehow I finished 11 projects I had on the burner for church in just a few days.  Seriously.  God's grace, that's all there is to it.  That was in additon to the busy weekend that we had with our workday, Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas decorating day.  It was a fabulous weekend, just exhausting.  I do have one more project that has to be done by'll get there. 
 Last night Larry suggested we move everything into the formal dining room so we put our kitchen table in there as well as some tray tables.  Last night I stayed up late ironing tablecloths and napkins and getting all of the china, glasses and silverware lined up and ready as well  as all the gazillion candles that get set up any time we have anybody over.

Today I'll make pumpkin pies.  Last  year I blogged about keys to making a perfect pie.  I'm not going to repeat it all here, just go to the link and get all the tips you need to impress your guests if you're having them, or to take the most amazing pie ever with  you wherever you are headed.   I don't care if you have struggled all your life to make the perfect pie are about to have a breakthrough honey, just go to my link and get your miracle!  :) 

As far as our menu for anyone who is interested, here is what we have each year, this year being no exception:

7 Layer Salad (family fav)
Homemade Rolls  (also family fav that my neighbors love too!)
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Sweet Potatoes
Creamed Corn
Green Bean Casserole
Whole Cranberries in Sauce
Apple Pie, Cherry or other Berry Pie, Pumpkin Pie & Whipped Cream
Soda, Unsweetened Tea, Sweet Tea, Coffee  (I will make specialty teas and coffees, normally I make some special tea that I have brought back from Africa)

After eating a wonderful dinner with family and friends we watch football throughout the day and go out on the lanai and make a fire in the fireplace and sit out there once it gets cooler in the evening.  Sometimes we make smores, not sure if we will with all the pie that will be in the house...we might also get in the jacuzzi, or watch movies.  One thing's for sure,  it will be a relaxing day with nothing to do but eat, talk, relax and share with loved ones.

Here's a Thanksgiving Meme I did last year in sharing some important things about Thanksgiving in our home.  Toodles!  Gotta get back to baking and cleaning...


Ruth, PA said…
I have 13 pies to bake today. We have a noon meal at my Mom's (10-14) and a 5pm meal at my hubby's sister's (about 25). Since no one enjoys baking as much as I do, they give me the "pie honors" every year! lol

I am thankful for you, Deanna. Although we've never met, you touch my life deeply! May your day be as precious as you!
Your sistah,

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