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Believing for our miracle...

We went and picked up Maddie last night from Connechusett Animal Hospital  at about 5:30 pm.  The external surgery went well but her spinal cord is fractured "well over 50%" in the words of the vet.  She offered to show us the x-rays.  Larry was too emotional and couldn't look at them.  I thought one of us should so I told him to stay in the consultation room and I would go back with the doctor in the back and look at them.  She showed me Maddie's fracture on the x-rays.  It was good for me to see it that way and understand exactly where she is broken.  When we came back out into the room where the animals were who were being treated, Maddie was in a cage on the bottom floor and she woke up when I came into the room.  I was surprised she was so alert after the surgery.   Upon seeing me, she tried to raise up.  The doctor quickly opened up the cage so we could make sure she didn't stand.  I got down and laid on the floor with my upper half in the cage and just rubbed her head while she licked my face.  She was so happy and just lavishing her love on me like she always does, every time she sees me, whether hurting or well.  I stayed there until they came with the stretcher to take her out to our car.  It was pouring down rain and I had lots of blankets and sheets in the car for her to lay on but they gave us some to cover her up and let us take them with us.  They were SO kind.  I highly recommend  Connechusett Animal Hospital.  They were AMAZING.  These people truly care about animals and aren't just out to get as much from your wallet as they can.   They are about saving animal's lives!  They slowly and carefully laid her in the back and Savanna and I were with her to make sure she laid there perfectly still. 

We came home and everyone else ate the spaghetti and meatballs I had prepared that morning in the crockpot (before the bottom had dropped out on our world).  Thank God I made supper as soon as I woke up!  I wouldn't have had the energy or presence of mind to do it after we found out the diagnosis.  While everyone else ate, I I laid beside Maddie to make sure she didn't move.  After they all ate, I did.  Basically one of us sits on this twin bed beside her while she is on her makeshift bed on the floor, 24/7.   She can't be alone.  We make sure she lays still and doesn't get up for any reason but to potty and when she does we put her in a "sling" of sorts, keep her back straight, hold her up and let her go potty then carefully lay her down again and stay by her side.  The first trip to potty last night was interesting.  Very difficult and I'm hoping this gets much easier.  I was very afraid holding her up, just wanting to hold her perfectly so as to not injure her worse or ruin this healing we want so badly.  Larry got pads from Petsmart for when he is not home.  I'm going to have to get A LOT better at this to handle doing it without another person.  At this point I can't imagine!  This will be our role round the clock in these coming weeks to give it our best shot for her to heal.  The doctor says in about 4 weeks we should know if she will make it.  Thanks for praying your hearts out with us.  We love you for it. 

Obviously Larry and I have postponed  our trip to Tennessee.   We were going the 14-18 but we can't right now.  We aren't sure what is happening with Maddie.  Although we were really looking forward to it, we are looking forward to her living even more.  The trip can wait a few more weeks or months.   It will be there for us to celebrate - in faith we believe we'll go, celebrating that we still have our Moo.

We fell apart yesterday emotionally.  It was a horrible day, the worst ever.  One person that made it so much better was Kathryn.   I had already had three meetings for our company (Next Job) that morning but they were difficult because I didn't know what was happening with Maddie.  It's the first time I ever just had to break down and tell a client, "I'm sorry, I just don't have my head on straight right now..." and somehow made it through a resume development meeting.   Once things fell apart and we found out she was fractured and possibly beyond repair, I had four more meetings and didn't know what I was going to do.  I was a total wreck and more than that, I needed to be there as a comfort to my husband.   Kathryn quickly stepped in and handled them all for me and I didn't have to so much as pick up a phone or email anybody.  She was a total God-send.  I can't thank the Lord enough on a daily basis for her.  She's more than a manager, she's a dear friend.  

 I hesitate to name other names of people who gave a word of hope yesterday because there are so many but very strategic ones were Susan, Marsha, and Candy and I am so grateful for them and all of YOU who are taking time to read this and believe.
Last night Larry put on my CD, "Breathing Room" to play it over Maddie again and again (yes we know she's deaf but I am just believing that putting those songs into the atmosphere did something!) and I laid by her for  hours just rubbing her head and praying. 

We are going to have to get Maddie a bed from Petsmart or somewhere of the like that we can transport her in but is firm and not too "cushy".  The doctor says it's important that the bed be firm.   This is what we'll take her in when we have to have her at church.  This isn't too foreign to us because we had her at the office when she was a baby til she was potty trained.  She will be in the office for recooperation sake now.  Thankfully we have awesome friends and church family who are on hand to help with things like this and we are so grateful.  Everybody is part of her miracle! 

Thank you for continuing to pray.  Just thought I'd show you where we "live" right on this twin bed.  Looks like Larry and I might not be doing too much sleeping together for a while but when Maddie is all healed up we will take that trip to Tennessee and make up for it.  :)

p.s.  Maddie has had a facebook page quite a long time, but we are now encouraging more people to become her friend there and read "her updates" about her miracle.  Just request Maddie Shrodes if you would like to be her friend there. 


Ruth, PA said…
Thank you so much for taking the time to update all of us. We know there are many things going on in your life. My husband and children all looked at the pictures of your precious "gift". My husband commented that a miracle has already happened that she is still alive!

Deanna, I am praying for you that God will spare Maddie's life and totally heal her! Our God is concerned about EVERY area of our lives! He made her and knows how to heal her! I'm also praying that God will supply you with rest, peace, and supply every financial need.

From my heart to yours,

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