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Angels visited our house tonight

I am going to be posting more than once a day most times upcoming, just FYI.  I will blog daily about our situation with Maddie, but at times I may have a second update about her, or just something different altogether as plenty of other things are still going on in our life or are on my mind that I want to talk about.  So for those of you who just can't get enough here on the blog, just keep checking back and there will probably be some new info for you. :)

Today was a busy but peaceful day.  Last night got kind of crazy here and overwhelming and honestly I needed some peace today.  When Maddie woke me up at 6 am this morning to go to the bathroom, I was very disappointed to see that she had pulled her drain out.  I thought I had a good handle on what she was doing all night as I had my hand on her, but she snuck this in on me.  Fortunately today was the day it was supposed to come out anyway, and also we were blessed that she didn't damage anything when she pulled it out.  For this I am ever grateful.  Larry took her potty and brought her back in and I needed more sleep.  I laid her next to me, cradled her head in my hands and went to sleep with her for 3 hours.  Her head never moved and I had it in my hands the whole time so I knew she wasn't destroying any stitches or anything.  I hate to put the cone on her because she doesn't relax with it on. 

Once she woke up at 9 am she was kind of active and wild -- even trying to get up and we had to hold her down.  She is not strong enough to stand and still fractured although it does appear she is gaining much strength.  I had to put the cone on her at that point because she was trying to crawl around and trying to pull at her stitches.  As you can see I've taped her cards above her head where she can see them.

Today was a day of continuing to wash lots of bedding (I try to give her clean bedding twice a day), make meals, clean the kitchen, wash our clothes, follow up on a few things for the service tomorrow morning, get Sunday clothes ready, and I also took time to clean the oven since I could do it right where Maddie was just a few feet away where I could see her while I worked.  I have to keep up on my house and can't just let it go because Maddie is sick.  She is first priority but I am working everything else around her.

Early evening Larry said he'd sit by her while I took a walk.  I went for 3 and 1/2 miles.  It was awesome.  I came back home to take a bath.  Michele and Marcus were there to see Maddie.  Michele cleaned up her wounds again.  I mentioned to Larry that I was headed for my bath and then would start on supper.  Michele said no, she and Marcus were going to stay with Maddie and she wanted me to go get my bath and get ready and go out on a date with Larry.  Wow!!! 

It was amazing to be able to have a quiet uninterrupted dinner with my man.  We went to Remington's and totally enjoyed ourselves.  I got out of my uniform I've been wearing lately 24/7 to take care of Maddie (sweats/t-shirt) and put my mini-jean skirt on with high heeled boots and leather jacket!  I felt a sense of normalcy that I haven't felt for a week now.  Thank you Michele, and thank  you Marcus for blessing Pastor Larry and I with ice cream!  (He brought us each a special pint of cookie dough for him and chocolate for me.) 

At times tonight I would totally forget that Michele is a vet tech.  I would find myself telling her how to care for Maddie, how to position  her, how to  do certain things and she'd say, "did you forget who you're talking to?"  LOL    Yes, at times I did.  I have been staying by Maddie's side continually watching her every move and helping her and it has just consumed me.  It was nice to get out today and have a break. 
There are angels among us.


Ruth, PA said…
Mddie's energy and desire to get up is a good sign! Have faith! God is going to see you all through! :)

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