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All time favs

I took this photo on my first trip to Africa.  I love the giraffes there.  We were riding in the land rover and I stood on the seat, with my head through the roof to get this clear photo.  This one was in Nairobi.  I have also seen many in Nakuru.  I love the giraffes and the monkeys in Africa and I love that you can get up close to them and that they are not behind bars.

These are also a few of my favorite things:

Snack:  chips and dip!!!

Drink:  tea!!! 

Activity:  Aside from spending time with Jesus or my family/friends...BLOGGING!!!

Favorite punctuation:  !!!!!!!!!!! 

Favorite things to collect:  words and teapots

Word that's ever been used to describe me:  "Effervescent"!  Dr. Sherry Lee used this to describe me once and I never forgot it.  Once I got home I had to look up the meaning:

ef⋅fer⋅ves⋅cent  /ˌɛfərˈvɛsənt/
–adjective 1. effervescing; bubbling.
                2. vivacious; gay; lively; sparkling.

All but "gay" does indeed describe me.  :)

Way to relax:  In my PJ's, laying in bed watching a movie with Larry and Maddie.

Song right now:  Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

Furniture:  My bed, and rocking chairs

Irresistable urge:  Stopping in every thrift store I see.

Thing that makes me more depressed than anything:  waking up to a messy kitchen 

What I love to do on rainy days:  read, nap, talk to Maddie, make tea, cook things like soup or chili

First thing I think when my alarm rings:  "Seriously??!!"

Last three things I think before drifting off to sleep: 
"Stop taking so much of the comforter..."
"Wow, that was good..."
"How am I going to get everything done that I have to do tomorrow?"

Favorite cleaning product:  Clorox wipes

 Most beautiful sights I've seen:
Aside from top ones like my family, friends, church family in worship...
Pelicans on Lake Nakuru in Kenya
Great Rift Valley, Africa
Giraffes in Africa 
The people of Africa (are you sensing there's a theme here?)
Christmas trees
The incline in Pittsburgh at night
The beaches of Hawaii
Icebergs in Alaska
Sunsets at Clearwater Beach, FL
Sunsets at Ft. Desoto Beach, FL
Sunsets while I'm riding my bike (I know, another theme here...) 

Favorite kind of books to read:  biographies and really any non-fiction; not a fan of fiction at all.  The true stuff in my life alone is interesting enough that I don't have to fantasize.  Second, that which I find out about all of life that's true is so fascinating, why make something up or waste my time reading something made up?  Reality is crazy inspiring!!!

No cost uplift:  bubble bath, bike ride, nap, when someone else cleans anything in my house, or weeds the yard, spending time with Maddie doing anything. 

Small low cost things that make me very happy:  cupcakes, earrings from Bealls Outlet , candles from Dollar General, Panera or Starbucks latte, tea from anywhere, my leopard Snuggie, buying used books, downloading new songs to my Zune, going to the beach and floating on my noodle until sunset.

Worship Song:  All time fav is "You Alone" by David Crowder but right now my current fav's running neck to neck are Desert Song and You'll Come by Hillsong.

Holiday:  Thanksgiving

Perfume:  Halston or Moonlight Path products from Bath & Body Works

Movie I saw this year:  The Proposal

Feeling in the world:  making a difference in someone's life.    It's the greatest high in the world, and I need my fix every single day.


Ruth, PA said…
My brother spent 6 mo. (years ago) on a missions trip living with a nomadic tribe in Africa. He loved it!! This was about 10 years ago. Outside of his present ministry to the people of Indonesia, I KNOW he'd be back in a heartbeat. Hearing him (and you) speak of the people makes me want to go!!
Melissa said…
I have always wanted to go to Africa! I absolutely love giraffes. We took the kids a while back to the zoo and although they were in a pen my son was able to feed them and I posted about it on my blog back in June. The kids loved it. But to see them in their natural enviroment...a dream! I love your pics!

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