Scenes from today...

After waking Savanna up for school at 6:30, we slept til' noon.  It was glorious.  There's nothing like snoozing with Maddie.  She's a great footwarmer. 

Then we just stayed there, writing and listening to music, spending a quiet day together.  This to me is paradise.

A perfect day off.  Larry laid there with us most of the day but then he had to get up and take the kids to the Oasis Youth Ministry hayride.  Maddie and I continued to rest, read, write, watch movies and just lay in the silence.   My Fun Fridays are best when there is NOTHING to do.  I go, go, go so much that a day just to lay there is more special to me than anything. 

Tomorrow will be another day to work.


Michele said…
Good for you!!! :)