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A sampling of Dustin's Baby Blog

July 9, 1990 (9 months old)
Today was a full day for you and I.  We got up at 6:30 am and took your Dad  to go on a trip with the youth group to Schooley's Mountain.  After that, you and I went to the Cherry Hill Mall.  You love checking out the sights while in your stroller.  I got you some strawberry ice cream from Haagen Dahzs and fed it to you.  It was your first time having strawberry ice cream and you were crazy about it!  I also bought you two books, "Rock a Bye" and "Let's Go".  I love reading to you.  And you love it too!  I also picked up some frames to put your new pictures in.  When we got home it was time for me to feed you again and then we went to the church office where I worked for a while.  After getting some work done we were both tired  and we went back home and I rocked you til' you went to sleep.  You are pulling on your ears because you have a tooth coming in.  I can't believe how fast you are growing.

July 24, 1990 (9 months old)
You are the ever growing boy, and get around fast crawling from room to room.  Although you can't walk yet you make up for it by how fast you crawl.  One day you toilet papered our room, your room, the bathroom and hallway, in nothing flat!   You  absolutely love getting ahold of cassette tapes and shredding them.   Guess what I went to the doctor and found out that soon you are getting a new brother or sister to join you in  all of this fun you are having...

October 17, 2990 (1 year old)
Happy birthday Dustin!  I can't hardly believe you are a year old already.  You are a wonderful boy.  We had a party for you today.    All of the family came from Maryland as well as the church family.  You had fun with all your new toys and played in your cake and ice cream, making a total mess.  You talk all the time and favorite words are, "Daddy", "Momma," "Uh-oh!", and "Hi!"  You love to laugh.  Your smile absolutely lights up my life.

March 1, 1991  (17 months)
Your new words are "duce" (juice), and "dis" (this) and "Gee-sus" (Jesus) which you always say in a special whispered tone.  You really hate it when people leave the room or when people come to visit and then leave.  You always start crying when it's time for goodbyes.  Your brother or sister will be here in a week or two!  I know you'll make a good big brother. 

July 25, 1991 (21 months) 

Baby Jordan Andrew is now with us and I've had quite a time getting adjusted to two little ones.   But we're on our way!  Jordan is four months old now and you are 21 months.  You reacted excellent to his arrival and you visited me everyday at the hospital.  You quickly warmed up to him -- almost too much.  You want to be close to him always, hugging and squeezing him tightly.  You dote on him and call him, "your baby."  You are talking in sentences now.   A few days ago I gave you a donut for breakfast and after the first one I asked if you wanted another one and you said, "No, I'm on a diet."  Ha!  What a funny little person you are.  You are Momma's jewel.

October 11, 1991 (almost two years old)
Some of your favorite things right now are kids praise video, oatmeal, being outside and feeding your fish or your "fishes" as you call them.  This week you went into your first Sunday School class where you sat for actual teaching time and you learned a new song called, "I am glad to be at church!"  You have been singing it.  When you got home from your first class I asked you how it was and you responded, "It was good.  There were Bibles."  We are so proud to be your parents.

January 10, 1991 (2 years, 2 months)

What a communicator you are!  You speak so well.  And you are such a joy.  Of course sometimes I do have to discipline you and when I sit you in a chair after a few minutes you sweetly look up and say, "Good boy, Mommy.  I be good boy Mommy.  Pees get down?"  (Pees means "please.")    Last month you made a birthday cake for Jesus and you had fun blowing out all His candles.  Right now you are very protective of Jordan.  When others hold him you walk right over and say, "My Jordy!!" letting them know you've got your eye on them.   You are our pride and joy, a wonderment to behold.

February 19, 1991 (2 years 3 months)

What a communicator...we marvel at what you come up with.  Quite often you say to us, "I wanna give my heart to Geesus".   You also love to pray.  Yesterday I had a headache and you came in and laid your hand on my head.  You said, "Dear Gee-sus...touch the head.  Aaaaaaa-men."  Yesterday you were playing and having fun throwing yourself on the floor and you'd shout, "Praise-a-bord!  Gory!"  You love church.  You are always putting your coat on saying, "Time for church, Momma?  See Diane?"   (She's your SS teacher and she does a great job.)   It's my greatest desire that you find delight in God and the things of God and that as the Word says, you are led into all truth.

April 3, 1992 (2 years, 4 months)
Your vocabulary amazes everyone.  The other day I found you jumping on the couch which of course you are NOT supposed to do.  I came in and said, "Dustin, what do you think you are doing?  Get down!"  and you raised you fist in the air and shouted, "Momma!  Take a stand for Jesus!"  Now how can I possibly punish you after a statement like that?  Of course I did make you get off the couch...

By the way, you know your colors now and you can count to 16.  You also love cheese and waffles, Garfield and the Flintsones.  We love spending time with you.

October 30, 1992 (3 years old) 
You memorized  two Bible verses this week:  "Care for one another," and "God saw everything He had made, and behold it was very good."  We're so proud of you!

March 20, 1993 (3 years old) 
You are smart as a whip and so funny.  The other day we were having a party and I made punch with sherbet.  It was foaming up in the bowl.  I asked you if you wanted some and you said, "Yes please, but I don't want any soap in mine, thank  you."  What a card!  This is even better...
Yesterday you said to me, "Momma, where's Daddy?"  I said, "he's at work."  You said, "Where's Jordan?"  I said, "In the living room."  You said, "Where's Grandma?"  I said, "Baltimore."  You said, "Where's the pizza man?"  I said, "I don't know Dustin.  What pizza man are you talking about?" and you said, "Who cares Momma?  He's just the pizza man!"  You are hysterical!


Kristan said…
Oh I remember that sweet baby face! And requests for "duce." LOL

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