Dustin's Birthday Dinner

Setting everything up is one of my favorite parts of family/friend dinners...

The special plate for the birthday boy

 Friends Eddie and Jake, Dustin, Savanna

Excited about his cake...he loves this kind of cake.  We lovingly call them "MRSA cakes" since I made him one every single day when he came home from the hospital and was going through his recovery.  The doctor said he could only eat soft foods.  This qualified.  :)   He's probably the only person in the world who recovered from MRSA on double chocolate layer cakes.  LOL

Maddie wanted to sit with us just for the cake although she couldn't have any. 

The big 2-0

Dustin giving Maddie some special instructions about staying away from his ice cream.

Dustin and Maddie listen as Eddie tells a story.  (Never mind that Maddie can't hear...she is respectful of conversation none the less...LOL.)

** Coming tomorrow...a sampling of Dustin's "baby blog"! **