Big day for Jordan

Yesterday I promised big news from the Shrodes family once it was official...and now it is!

Yesterday our son Jordan officially became a member of the United States Air Force.   His swearing in was yesterday, actually last evening.  His day began at 4:45 am  with a full physical and other meetings, and he was finally sworn in at about 5:30 pm.   We are not sure when he will leave for basic training.  He will be waiting for a call from his recruiter and when they have a job open, that is when he starts, so it could be a while.  When he goes to basic training it will be at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX.  Following that he will leave for tech school.   He will be enlisted for 6 years.  We are proud of him, of course.  :)


Kim said…
Whoa, that brought a quick tear to my eye first thing in the morning. He is so handsome and going to do a great job!
Kim, me're never really fully prepared for this.

But yes, I do know he's going to do great. Love you.
Melissa said…
Oh my! What a great branch of the service to be part of. We will keep Jordan in our prayers and you as well. A proud moment I am sure, with a bit of heart beat skipping as well. I believe he is going to SOAR my friend! pun intended here. Seriously, God is really going to take him to new heights and you all are going to be amazed and how Jordan is used for His Kingdom and His Glory!!
Love ya!
Gayle said…
WOW! Personally, I think it's fabulous! I'm an "MK" of a different kind, meaning "military kid." I grew up Air Force and can't help my prejudice that it is the "best darned outfit." Jordan will have so many opportunities in that 6 yrs. He just needs to make the most of it. He will receive training and schooling unlike that in the civilian world. The life-discipline is positive (my dad credits his service time as lifesaving). Deanna, you are now officially an AFMOM - congratulations!
Love you so much,