We're here...delay is better than disaster!

Only a quick blog post today...I'm maximizing time with our friends, so writing is taking a back seat.

  Yesterday we flew out of Tampa in the afternoon and had what was supposed to be a very short stop in Baltimore -- so quick we weren't supposed to get off the plane.  However, there was a problem with the plane once we landed and it couldn't be repaired in time to leave that day.  So...they took our plane away and replaced it with another. 

This whole thing put us about two hours behind and instead of getting to Dayton at 5:30 we got there at 7:30,  however that was JUST FINE with me!  We're rather have them switch planes and be safe anyday!  I'm just glad they are checking the equipment carefully.  I have always said about anything in life, "Delay is better than disaster."  Oh how true that is, in every facet of life!