One Word

Although I have a few meetings and work projects today, I will be taking a significant time today to pray, and I'm also doing a fast today.  I am focusing  for some specific needs, particularly for a man in our congregation, Bob, who is having colon cancer surgery tomorrow.   (I'd appreciate it if  my readers breathe a prayer for him today and tomorrow as well.  Thank you!) 

If you would like me to include you in my prayer time today, comment with ONE WORD that I can focus in on for you in my prayer.  (Example:  peace, healing, finances, etc.) 

It's a privilege for me to do this for my friends.  History belongs to those who pray.  I want to be a history maker.


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pulled muscle (sorry, 2 words)
Will do ~ you have been covered this afternoon. I have prayed for many, most posted on facebook which appears to be where most are reading from...since my blog rolls over to there. :)