More reflections...

I'm posting a few more photos from our missions weekend. I really have so much to blog about including the lastest "lesson from Kathryn" however this week has been so crazy. I honestly haven't had a clear mind to blog anything substantial. I have also been on deadline for a few writing assignments that were due yesterday. Writing them with my mind so clogged up was interesting. Today is a full day with meetings, one more message to write, and topping the day off with getting my hair done. I'm looking forward to just sitting back in the chair and talking to Ada. Spending time with her is always like a healing balm to my soul.

Alrighty, here are some more pics of our wonderful weekend...

Savanna with Raquel Suarez, missionary to Ireland

Robert & Raquel Suarez, missionaries to Ireland
and Pastor Walter Nyangweso, Nairobi, Kenya

Robert & Raquel Suarez share about what they plan to do in Northern Ireland. Love, love, love this couple!!! They are amazing.