10 Things you might be surprised about...

1)  I dropped out of kindergarten.
2)  I have a baby waiting for me in heaven.
3)  I had my own car when I was 38 and 39.  
4)  People (strangers) mistake me for Bette Midler all the time. 
5)  I was never allowed to go to the movies until I grew up and moved out of the house.
 6) I type 130 wpm.
7) I married a teenager.
8)  I've gone to Africa by myself.
9)  I belong to two African tribes, the Maasai tribe and the Kikuyu tribe.
9)  I don't ever submerge my head underwater.
10)  I have however, submerged my head into a humongous bowl of jello.  


DaNella Auten said…
I love your hair curly! You look so pretty!