More things I love

Recently I blogged a list of things I love, and said there'd be more every once in a while. Today is one of those days...if I repeat some things from the past just consider them REALLY loved extra special...

The end of a workout
Snuggling up with my husband and smelling his cologne on his neck
Laughing over anything
My down comforter/duvet
Flip flops
My jean jacket with leopard collar
Boots in wintertime (yep, I do wear them here)
My leather jacket
Desert Song
CBE (Christians for Biblical Equality)
Pink lipstick
OPI Nail polish
Sonny's Sizzlin' Sweet
Megyn Kelly (on Fox)
Riding my bike
The song, "Heaven's Jubilee"

That's all for today


LaDonna said…
I love Desert Song too! In fact, I've been thinking of how to incorporate it in our Fall event you'll be speaking out. My daughter pointed out that it has four verses just as we have four seasons in a year.