A look back

I'm turning another year older today. Typically when it comes to this time of the year I reflect back on what I've learned in the past year, or been reminded of. Just thought I'd share a few thoughts with you... a random potpourri in no particular order...

Nothing in life is worth getting sick over. Pray over it -- yes. Get sick over it? No.

When you are feeling despair and think things will never get better, or that they are hopeless, keep in mind, change WILL come. It may take time to come -- it may even take years -- but it will come. Things will not always be the way they are now. If you're in a bad spot right now -- hold on, the tide will change. If you're in a good spot right now, grow your roots deep -- become as strong a woman in God as you can possibly be, because trials do come in life and you will face one eventually again.

Transparency is worth it.

I never imagined that a dog would make me so happy. Madeline has changed my life for the better.

Just because you quit some things doesn't make you a quitter. Some things that are not good for you, you need to quit.

Politics are stupid.

I love crepes!! (Thank you Candy and Janice for exposing me to these for the first time, or should I say by now, the third time. My waistline doesn't thank you, but my mouth does.)

Time really does fly. The older I get the more I am not liking this fact.

It's really hard to firm up the skin underneath one's arm. [sigh]

What did I ever do before I had a headset for my phone?

Twitter is cool.

The longer I live the more I realize the extreme value of a few close friends.

Boundaries are so important. How I lived so long without them, I don't know. Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend is a book everyone should read. Thanks Shari, for recommending that I read this again.

A dog will get really sick if it eats an entire bag of Easter candy.

You should never put regular dish soap in your dishwasher when you run out of the real dishwasher detergent.

You don't stop worrying about your kids once they turn 18.

You don't stop worrying about your kids once they turn 19.

I have a lot of transferable skills. Everyone does...they just don't realize it.

It's okay to just sleep sometimes.

I love my sisters.

Even when something you fear comes true, it will still be okay. You will survive, and in fact you can even thrive.

Even after you are married for a long time you still have to work very hard at communication no matter how well you think you know each other.

Taking a nap with a bulldog on a rainy afternoon is wonderful.

Most people have ingenious ideas...they just never do anything with them.

God is still in control and always will be.


DaNella Auten said…
dishwasher soap... lol yeah great way to mop the kitchen... lol
I had a good idea today I just don't know what to do with it... lol