From the Honeymooners ~ Part II

Another e-mail from the happy couple...this time a poem the groom wrote yesterday and some more honeymoon photos to go with it...

I thank God for who I am
and the person I've become
I thank God for who's in my life
and that I'm safer than some

I thank God for my church family
and how they're always there
I thank God that they embrace me
and how they'll always care
I thank God for all my natural family
and the trust they have in me
I thank God for my happiness
that's now so easy to see

I thank God for the gift of life
and that it's good and pure
I thank God for who's in mine
to make me safe and sure

I thank God for his Holy Son
and what He means to me
I thank God for how my heart felt
when He set me free

I thank God for my favorite gift
a special gift, it's true
I thank God for this special gift
and that special gift is you

I thank God that you're by my side
that our hearts have become one
I thank God that I have you now
for my love will never be done.

I love Jesus, My wife, My kids , My church.

~ Bladimir Lainez

Deanna here: This is what ministry is all about. Thank you, Jesus!