Photo from vacation

Today was an incredibly busy day. I knew it would be coming back from vacation. I determined to stay away from my work completely while on vacation and with the exception of about one hour of things I had to take care of, I did.

Today was pretty insane with catching up with things, or should I say endeavoring to catch up. I got a tremendous amount of things done however it's going to be another busy day tomorrow and hopefully by days end I will have made enough of a dent to not have a totally insane remainder of my week.

I taught a career workshop tonight at church and although I was exhausted it was a blessing to connect with those who attended. When she came in tonight Gayle said, "I know you have to be exhausted!" I said, "I know Gayle, what was I thinking to schedule this workshop the Monday I get back from vaca?" It was worth it, though.

I am going to be blogging on a few topics the rest of this week that I've really been thinking about. Get ready for more this week than just my "everyday life" updates. I'm going to share some deeper thoughts.