Hair Photos!!

So here are photos of my new pink highlights! Larry says I look like a kid who was playing with a can of paint, but I don't care! Remember this is just a baby step... a little highlight on one side, because I did think it would be good to preserve some degree of matrimonial peace. :) lol

By the way if you are someone who reads my blog on facebook, these photos may not come up. If you are not seeing photos please go to my original blog site at if there is nothing posted here or if five photos don't come up! (Sometimes everything doesn't come through when my original blog feeds onto facebook.) By the way, my stylist is Ada Alfonso at Continental Hair. I always give her credit...she's an amazing hairdresser, and friend.


Melissa said…
LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I am wondering what Sean would think if I did this...altough I have done some crazy things with my hair before...happens when you have a mom and sis in the biz...but not pink...hmmm something to think about. I love it thought and tell Larry I am positive that those pink highlites cost more and last longer than a can of spray paint. hehe
Anonymous said…
Love it!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Love It! Happy Birthday!
Ruth, PA