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Photo I took in our neighborhood...

Well, it's 1:51 in the morning on Sunday as I wind down and blog a moment. Why not go straight to sleep? I'm the type of person that needs to read or write before bedtime or I just lay there wide awake. I am finally stopping at almost 2 am, trying to get everything done as we are leaving straight from church tomorrow.

Why go through all this? Well, first of all there's nothing worse than coming home to a messy house. Second, there will be people here. A housesitter to take care of things in our home including Jordan's bunny while we're gone and also a very good friend from the church (I could just kiss her feet right now) who is going to be at our home to finish up what yard work I did not finish. Now you KNOW you have a good friend if they are willing to weed for you. (smile) So, our house will not be unoccupied, thus one reason I did a lot of cleaning but also because I just want it that way.

We did about 10 loads of clothes and packed, and cleaned the house and car, and got Maddie ready to go to her sitter. She's a full time job if cared for properly so somebody else will be watching her. It was hard for me to say goodbye to her. I am so attached to her I can't imagine being away from her this long. I hugged her and kissed her a bazillion times before she left. And I put one of my favorite photos of her on the screen saver of my laptop.

In a few hours we'll pack the car and go to church and I'm going to preach a word I just can't wait to unleash that God put in my spirit! Get ready! I'll twitter from the road and blog about Sunday's service and our trip as I have opportunity, along with photos. Can't wait!

Amidst all the craziness of getting ready for vaca, I stopped for about 20 minutes last night and got in my swimsuit and went in our jacuzzi on our back patio and watched the fireworks over the lake. It was a beautiful sight and so relaxing. I needed that. Sitting out there I just thanked God for all His many blessings. He has been so good.


Anonymous said…
Don't know if it will work for you...but this Monday, July 6th is Assembly of God Day at Kennywood. Cost is $23.
Ruth, PA
Melissa Davis said…
Pastor Deanna, praying that you and your family have the best time ever - although we never met personally, just from reading your blog and newsletters you're a very Faithful Woman of God and therefore deserve this more than anyone I know - including myself (yes, I went there, Lol).

God bless you all and if by and if by chance it comes to mind, call my name in one of your designated stops (it dont really matter) but at least I will feel like a part of the vaca, lol.

DaNella Auten said…
Have fun sweetie, Be careful.

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