Day 11 ~ beginning the journey back

We are leaving this morning to make the long trip back home, however we'll be making several stops and staying overnight -- we're going slow and won't be back until Saturday. First we're stopping through Richmond, Virginia to have lunch with Sally, Bob and Shari. Then we're moving on to sightsee in some other places and stay overnight. This makes the long car trip more bearable especially with such a full car. :-) All in all everyone is doing really well and they are watching a lot of movies on the trip while I read and write whole lot. I love vacation because I read and write purely for enjoyment, without assignment or deadline. So far I've read about six or seven books of the Bible, Glenn Beck's "Common Sense", Dan Millers, "48 Days to the Work You Love", and a book about Princess Diana called, "A Royal Duty". Oh yes, I must also include a magazine Emmy brought along about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. Just couldn't resist reading that...

I realized in looking back through the last few days of posts that I didn't include the picture of Savanna and I at the hospital she was born at, or our old house in Maryland. So here we go... and, I will post more later wherever we stop and see the sights before we get home.

Savanna and I in front of Carroll County Hospital in Westminster, MD where she was born.
Our old house on Chestnut Street in Manchester.