Continuation of Day 11

Today we left Maryland at about 10:30 am and headed to Richmond, VA to have lunch with Mom Sally, Pop Pop Bob, and Shari. We met at a place called the Black Finn, on the canal in Richmond. It was a beautiful location, and amazing food...Shari and I agreed they had one of the best burgers we've ever had in our whole lives. (And, we've had a lot!) We have Bob to thank for finding the restaurant for us to meet at today. He's a true food connoisseur.

We enjoyed our lunch and talking for quite a while and then spend some time outside by the canal taking pictures and went on the roof to get a better look. It was sad to have to move on so soon but like we all said, it was better than not meeting at all! I was so glad that Shari took the time to come up from North Carolina. What a treat to see her twice within such a short time! [I'm going to post more pictures in a separate post that will be just photos from today.]

We drove on until about 10:00 pm to Savannah, GA and we are going to stay here and see the sights for a while and return home right in time to get our sweet Maddie & for the weekend services. We've never been to Savannah except for driving through. There are some things we want to see here as we've heard so much about it, and we're going to try to get reservations to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant if possible. Good thing this hotel has a workout room!