Larry and I just got a call this afternoon to host America's Prayer Meeting on CTN tonight, so...check it out if you are up that late from midnight to 3 am.

If you want to watch and you live in Tampa, it's channel 3 if you have Direct TV, or on local TV on channel 3 or 22. The show is now worldwide show, on SkyAngel and also for anyone who has Direct TV. If all else fails, just get on your computer HERE and watch it. Anyone, anywhere can watch it if you have a computer and internet. Simply scroll all the way down and look to the right where it says, "Live Webcast". Click there and you can watch from your computer. You can also call in if you want! There's a toll free number. I will warn you, tons of calls come in from everywhere so it's not guaranteed that they take your call as one that goes on the air, however everyone does get prayed for by ministers who are also there answering phone calls. The show airs live EST from 12 midnight - 3 am. So for those of you on the west coast that would be 9 pm-midnight.

Also, each time I'm on, I establish a different "code word" so that my friends know I'm thinking fo them. This time, our word is, "AMAZING." Everytime I say it tonight you know I am thinking warmly of all my friends and family and how blessed I am.


LAURIE said…
thats great!
Melissa Davis said…
The show was great, was able to watch the majority of it. I really enjoyed watching as usual. I didnt know what your key word was (because I hadnt been on the computer for a few days) but I definitely remember you saying the word, "Amazing".

There were some really heart breaking request but I must say that you and Pastor Larry were awesome under those circumstances. I guess I'm just a cry baby, lol. It's so hard for me not to cry when others are crying -pray for me, lol