Sunday nite wrap up...

Photo I took with my new camera...

It was a splendid day today. I'm so tired right now, therefore only taking time to blog for a moment. We had a full day at church and then went to the Currie's for a lunch. Good times, bbq'ing and enjoying all that goes with it, for Father's Day. After an afternoon of fellowship there both our families headed to the movies together and then back to their house once again for ice cream til' after 11 pm. We talked while the kids swam in the pool. I am exhausted, will have an extremely busy week this week with church, coaching, and more. Sometimes going into weeks that I know look like this, as far as my calendar/schedule goes gets me discouraged but I am going to try to look on the bright side of everything. I have a lot of opportunities to help people...what could be greater?


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