Sunday Night at Clearwater Beach

Shari and I, walking on the beach at sunset. I cleared my schedule on Sunday night so we could just go and have some time together. We walked on the beach and talked til' was good. Larry, Emmy and Savanna were with us. The boys had to work.

All of these photos were taken by Larry...

this is one of our fav places to be, especially at sunset.

Yes, I do know how blessed I am to live here! all you can say to this!

Emmy and Savanna

And the sun goes down, over Tampa Bay...


Emmy and Savanna


Melissa Sutton said…
Nice Pics PD, I'm missing the beach now, lol
Debbie W said…
I love these pictures! I love the beach so wonderful to be able to spend some great intimate time with your sister! Sisters are such a great blessing!
Sharon said…
I want to come back... :-)

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