No, I'm not homeschooling, making my family's clothes or wearing a doily
on my head...

but I am growing my own vegetables!

Seriously, I really am! Here are the photos from my back patio to prove it. I decided since Jordan eats enough tomatoes in a week to justify remortaging the house, I'd try my hand at growing them this summer. In our neighborhood, gardens are against the rules. (Homeowners Association -- the list of rules is unbelievable! But I'm not complaining...I did choose to live here and there are benefits to it.) But, we are allowed to grow things in flower pots on our patios, so...I am! I'm trying to grow these tomatoes in large pots this year and who knows maybe next year I'll do peppers, and even more. We'll just see how I do this first go round. So far I have used no pesticides. I'm trying to go totally organic and not have to wash them to death before eating them. But just in case I have some "Sevin Dust" that was recommended to me, if I notice bugs start to get to them. Anyone have any special tips for me? By the way, the ones in the left pot are cherry tomatoes and the ones on the right are beefsteak. Yum!


Anonymous said…
No tips from me - I failed miserably at it last summer...yours already look better than mine turned out!!!

[Of course it helps that you live in Florida and I live in Wisconsin...]
Melissa said…
Seven is the best stuff to kill the bugs. When we lived in FL. Pot gardens were the best. What we do here is plant the tomato plants around the house in my flower beds like they are just another shrub. They blend in well. Not that I even have to worry about a home owners issue. Make sure they have enough water but do not keep the soil so moist it will cause root rot in the pot. Also use some fertilizer of some sort. There are a variety of organic ones on the market. The only other thing I can think of is making sure you give the plant support and if needed trim back the branches, sometimes the branches will get so long and full that it weighs the plants down way to much. But don't cut to many or you won't produce enough tomatoes to satisfy Jordan. :-) Love ya girl! How are things going with your crazy schedule?
Anonymous said…

I used to have a garden until we had a wet summer. The snails moved in and won the battle! LOL Now, I just buy from my friends who make their own clothes and wear coverings...the Amish! They do a much better job! Lots of luck!
Ruth, PA
DaNella Auten said…
Have you seen the upside down tomatoe plants?
Melissa Davis said…
PD, those are some mighty fine looking maters! Wish I could plant a garden and it actually bear fruit.... I guess I better stick to homeschooling, lol
Yes Danella, I've seen that. I'm thinking about that next year so that I won't have to use any pesticides.

Lady Melissa...thank you! You're an excellent homeschooling Mom...I give you kudos for all that you somehow do!
LaDonna said…
I'm impressed! Let us know how they do!

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