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I get as wild as I'm able to...

Yesterday was Fun Friday and although I had some work to do I tried my best to get some down time. One of my favorite ways to do that is by getting my nails done. I picked a brand new pretty emerald green color. That's my pedicurist, Mai, in the photo above who is doing my feet. I snapped the picture with my cell phone while she was working. Notice my pink sweats and flip flops. uniform on my day off. :-) If you've been reading the blog long you know that Mai does my feet and Lisa and her husband Tony do my nails. (They own the shop, A-Nails in Wesley Chapel. Great place I have been going to for five years.)

I get very unique with my nail colors at times because Larry is expressly against me coloring my hair pink, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time. My friend Bobbie Hall (who also lives here in Tampa and has the same amazing hairdresser I do - Ada Alfonso) has had her hair that way for a long time now. I think it looks absolutely beautiful. Stunning in fact. I have coveted her look for a long time. I asked her if I could post her picture here as an example and she readily agreed and said she was she is with her beautiful self.............

By the way, we are only a year apart in age and her husband is on the pastoral staff of a church as well, just FYI. So hey, this look HAS been tried out by a "ministry wife" already and quite successfully. By the way Bobbie, it's my honor to be your friend!

Out of respect for Larry, I haven't done this to my hair. Although I am married to the LEAST ministerially political man in the world, he still thinks this would affect us in some pastoral, light brown with blonde highlights, I will stay for now. But look out upon our retirement because this might be the first thing I do!!! Ada has also been talking about putting a small streak in just to satisfy me in the meantime til' retirement. (lol) With the way the world is going, I think Jesus is coming back before my retirement so I may just be blonde til we are raptured. But anyhoo, I can get unique with nail colors and express myself that way a little bit in the present. So, here's to emerald green nails on Fun Friday...


Anonymous said…
Hi Deanna,

Our pastor's daughter is very expressive. She dyes her hair. Right now it is a purple color. Some of the senior citizens get their panties in a wad (am I allowed to say that? Hit the "d" button if I'm not LOL) but personally, I think it's great they let her be expressive(She's 13)

How about some Sunday preaching on "Being Yourself" and doing it as a sermon illustration! (The wash out version.) Would Larry flip his lid?

Have a great weekend!
DaNella Auten said…
I know, I want blue hair, just the bottom 1 inch, like it has been dipped in blue... Sigh. But my hubby is like you. I am pushing him with my black underlayer, red hair, with blond highlights. The first time he saw it he said I looked like a cheep blanket print.
He likes it now... lol
Hey Deanna,
I guess I'm old school too! How about go light blond with very light pink streaks???? I could see that! :)
Ruth, I don't bring issues to the pulpit that Larry and I disagree on.'s a thought. My hairdresser has been trying to think of something and wants to do just one thin streak on one side of my head. We'll see!
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry. I did not mean to offend. Just my lame attempt to be funny! I so agree, husbands and wives should NEVER so anything their Lord or spouse are in disagreement over.
Ruth, PA
No! You DID NOT offend AT ALL! I thought you were serious that maybe I should add a little something in a sermon to make him think about it or something like that and I was just saying, I never do that. But I wasn't offended. We talk about it at home and I've just come to the conclusion some things I won't push the envelope on. However, I sure do wish it went both ways. :-) I'd love it if he did his hair like I want him to. Little double standard there...
Sharon said…
Love the color on your nails. You never told me that you wanted to dye your hair pink! But as long as I have known you, I should have known... :-)

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