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He wears a burgandy shirt now

Dustin was promoted to Supervisor last night at Cobb Theatres! We are so proud of him. He is now one of the burgandy-shirted individuals (other employees wear green) and tonight's his first night! Yay! They really, really, really like him there (who doesn't love him, though?) and he has done such a magnificent job. They have told Larry and I before when we've been there, "we just love Dustin!" and I answer back, "We love him too! Everyone loves him! He's an amazing young man." 

I also become more smitten with Madeline every day. She is such a sweet dog. We have discovered by the way, that she is deaf. She was born that way. Many white dogs are deaf -- it is a genetic thing. This makes me all the more glad that we were the ones to get her because she is being cared for properly . Many deaf dogs are euthanized because people believe they can't handle them or that they are untrainable. That's not true -- they just require a little extra time and care. That doesn't mean they should be killed. So, anyway -- it does present a bit of a challenge in training her, but we just have to do it by signs and things like that. The other challenge is making sure she is never off of a leash outside or escapes out when the door opens -- she can't hear anything coming, nor would she ever hear us call her name if she was lost. By the way, I still talk to her non stop and sing to her as well. I'm convinced she knows what I'm doing. One of my favorite things of the evening is snuggling with her.

Today I slept in. It was wonderful. I love to sleep! After that I set about doing five loads of laundry. Then I made three dishes for our church picnic/beach day/water baptism at Ft. Desoto tomorrow. I made stuffed eggs, (I make them so yummy and I stuff/fill them with my Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator so that they look beautiful. Then I also made a broccoli salad, and a green pea salad. Everything I made I can actually eat on this special diet I'm on. (Yay!)

I got out and did more weeding tonight. If you have never been to my house, let me just say it's a ton of yard work. We have someone else that does the basics for us (we could never handle it with everything else we have going on) but we do our own beds. That's enough work right there. I have seven areas that I have to keep up on and it's a tremendous amount of trimming, weeding, fertilizing, etc. You have no idea what it's like to have a Florida landscape if you don't live here. It's so much work. You have to baby the heck out of your grass so that it doesn't die on you. We just replaced a huge section of sod that died on us. I am almost done completely weeding our largest flower bed which is absolutely huge, in fact I would say it's as big as some people's bedrooms. I'm not kidding. In answer to why I have to exhaust myself keeping up with this -- we have rules in our neighborhood where you have to keep up on all this or you get fined. Yes, I'm serious. I'm weeding about 1-2 hours a night the next two weeks or so to get all of the beds done.

After that I walked 3 miles tonight at sunset. It was beautiful and the whole time I just looked at the beautiful sky and palm trees and thanked God once again that I live here. There are things I have to keep up on but honestly, I love living here!

Things with my health are moving along and I'm looking forward to meeting with the specialist to go all the way in getting this put to rest. Only 11 more days til' then. Right now I am sticking to the diet the Dr. put me on strictly (it's been easier than I thought it would be) as well as taking a med called Protonix. It's working well for me and the pain is 100% better than it was. I am actually sleeping well and when I turn over it doesn't wake me up with pain anymore. That is such a relief as until a week ago, I have woke up every time I've turned over at night since the 3rd week in November!

I got a new manager with my career coaching position, by the way. My old one was promoted and is now national trainer for the company. My new manager, Kathryn, lives in San Fransico, California. Yes, the life of the virtual worker! It's amazing what happens through faxing, online, conference calls, web cams, etc. I really do like Kathyrn and we had our first meeting this week to get better acquainted and go over expectations of our relationship. In case you are wondering, I spend about 3/4 of my working hours/week on pastoral work at the church and 1/4 of my working hours in career coaching. Pastoring is the priority and the other, although very important to me is not my main function and I do have a cap on the hours I will work with them which is very well understood by management there. By the way, I'm getting ready to do a free career coaching workshop at my church upcoming on June 22. It's going to be for anyone who is laid off, or just wanting a better job. I'm going to be doing a group coaching session on resumes, cover letters, marketing, career direction, keys to interviewing, and more. If you live in the Tampa Bay area and have interest, just call our church office for info or to sign up at (813) 961-0910.

This is all for tonight, folks...gotta go fold a last load of laundry, take a bath, and pack our stuff for the beach. Much love...


Anonymous said…
Three cheers for Dustin!!! Is going to start saving for a ring?
Ruth, PA
Anonymous said…
A Big Congrats to you Dustin!!

I'm praying that even before your dr. visit, THE DOCTOR, who made you, will totally repair you. His time, His way.
Lots of love and prayer,
Ruth, PA

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