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If you were here, I'd invite you in for a cup of Paris tea and a chat about the things on my mind. I can't do that as some of you reading this are from Houston to Singapore, and some of you I wouldn't recognize because I've never met you before in person. So come on in to my virtual tea time today (this is the front door of my house) and hear a potpourri of what's on my mind, in no particular order.

I'm glad summer is here although I don't like the fact that things get a lot hotter in Florida in the summertime than all year round, I do like the pace of the summertime and I love this season in the life of the church. For some reason while other churches seem to always experience a dip in the summer and few visitors or new people, we really grow in summertime. Although we have families that are gone each week on vacation we have always gotten a great influx of new people and by the time fall hits we're like, "WOW! We have really added a lot of new people." I'm anticipating that this summer. Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us.

I'm the Women's Ministries leader for the AG for the Tampa Metro area. Today I had a luncheon for the leaders at a place called the Bungalow Bistro, which is an old renovated house in Seminole Heights (an area of Tampa). It's such a neat place and we had such a good time. The encouragement women receive from other women is so needed. I took this time to just get to know each woman better, and share with them about upcoming events. I really enjoy encouraging leaders.

I came home from church Wednesday night and although church was awesome, I was angry because the kitchen was such a mess. Nothing depresses me more. Dustin made it his business to cheer me up. He's good like that. I'm so thankful for him.

Speaking of a mess, my office is a mess. I need to clean it. I mean I have lots of stuff that needs to be thrown away. I keep telling myself I'm going to take a whole day to clean it but I can't spare a whole day's work. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll get it done.

I have thought often about when people sin or make a mistake, many times they don't say they are sorry...they just make a note, "I'm not going to do that again" but they rarely apologize. I don't want to be like that. It's something I'm changing about myself. I'm committing never to do that again. It's not enough just to mentally tell ourselves we won't do something again when we know we are wrong. God expects more. Confession...repentance...forgiveness. I am determined to live that way.

I love the people of my church so much sometimes it aches (because when they hurt I hurt) or I feel like I'm going to burst (because the love for them I have is so great and I feel their love for me.) An amazing group of people surround me and for this I just, thanks Jesus. You smiled on me for whatever reason.

Some of you know I was sick when I came back from my Africa trip in November. When I got home a few days later it started and hasn't stopped to this day. They've finally figured it out after seven months. I have an ulcer. Quite frankly although things are good now, that period of stress that I went through last summer and fall had consequences. All I can say to you my friends is this...whatever you are going through now WILL PASS. You might think it won't, and you don't see any way around it or over it, but I'm telling you God will take you through it. And it's not worth making yourself sick over in the meantime. All of that stress I went through in my "wrecks" stage (remember that?) caught up with me. Things didn't get better until January. The breakthrough took a while. In November I was still under the intense heat of all that stress, plus getting ready to go preach in Africa, getting little sleep and burning the candle at both ends. That is when the ulcer came. Unfortunately it hasn't healed yet because I didn't know what was wrong so I was still doing things like eating tomatoes and oranges and the loads of caffeine that used to go in my body each day and do nothing but inflame the heck out of this ulcer to the point where it now hurts all the way through to my back. Thankfully we now know what is wrong although we don't know the extent of it yet -- I have to have another test. (Please be praying for that!) I'm on a very strict diet (which I've amazingly stayed on without even one cheat!) and medication. I go to a specialist on the 24th of this month to take the next step. It's going to be alright. I'll be good as new soon. Thank you for your prayers.

I saw the movie, "Up" with Savanna last week. I loved it. I cried several times. If you have a child or even if you don't...go see it. You'll love it. We try to go to the movies at least once a week. We get to go for free as my son Dustin works at Cobb Theatres.

I have weeding to do in my yard. I really don't want to do it. I must do it...the HOA is going to write me a letter and fine me if I don't. Don't you hate weeds?

Have you discovered that people will change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing?

I am really looking forward to Sunday. It's our beach day/picnic/water baptism at Ft. Desoto, all day with the church. It's one of my fav days of the year. I just float on my noodle until sunset with my best friends out in the water. Is there anything more relaxing? I don't think so. I am also preaching Sunday. The topic is Armageddon but I am still hoping people come. :-) I think they will because, well, it's beach Sunday. lol I'm also excited about my Sunday School teaching this week. The topic is: "What's happening to America and Why". Sunday School used to be my fav time of the week until life coaching came along and now they are running neck to neck as my most special times.

I'm still career coaching by the way. And doing very well at it or so they tell me!

I've been working out daily without fail. Most of you know I was biking 7-14 miles a day even while feeling poorly. However the pain got to be too great doing that before I knew what was wrong and started treatment. Since then I've walked about 2 miles a day and biked another few. Usually not more than four a day, but I am still doing what I can. When I feel tired or my side or back hurts, I just come home.

I'm craving a tomato. And I'm even growing tomatoes. What a fine time in my life to be growing tomatoes. They will not go to waste, as Jordan will eat them all plus some from the Currie's, I'm sure. I think I'll go have a peach.

Bye for's been nice having tea with you.


You & I must be PMSing this week. I came home from church mad as a hornet because the kitchen was trashed. I didn't even say hello to anybody and ask "how are you?" I just let them have it. Everybody said I was acting like the "B" word.

We have weeds in common too. Keep looking at them take over my flower bed. It's just too hot right now....

Really glad you know what's going on with wise. At least the doctor's can treat it and you'll be feeling better real soon.
DaNella Auten said…
lol I love you chick! We need to do it for real sometime...
We just had a picnic last sunday at Bees Wax Park here in Columbiana. Had a good turnout, swam and played and had church and a cookout. We are small (only 22 peeps) but MIGHTY!!!
Debbie W said…
I love your blog extra today!

I am trying to back off from being so compulsive about the house! I hate a trashed kitchen though!

This too shall pass!!! Those kids will one day be gone and that kitchen will be easy to keep clean and then you will be wishing you had someone to mess it up!!! (not really!!!) I have never, not even one day felt that way!!! who wants a trashed kitchen anyway??!! LOL!

I love you tons!!!

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