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Real Moms

Here's to REAL Moms.

Not the ones you see on TV, whether "reality show" or not. If it's on TV it's not reality. (Those Moms have a lot of extra help and money to get done what needs to get done, unlike all of us Moms in the real world who have to accomplish everything at home, work, school, church or wherever else.)

It's not reality for most families to take multiple vacations in one year to Disney, ski resorts, cruises and the like. One vacation? Sure. Several, all expenses paid where the family is jetting here and there? No.

It's not reality for most families to live in a 7,000 square foot nor a multi-million dollar home.

It's not reality for most women to have five nannies.

It's not reality for most families to have an income over six figures.

It's not reality for most of the "real" moms out there to constantly receive free brand new clothes, jewelry, shoes, home furnishings, and foods from companies.

I don't admire these families on TV. What have they really done any different than the rest of us besides pop out a bunch of extra kids out of their wombs and get a bunch of free help for doing so? It's basically welfare Hollywood style.

I look up to the women all around me everyday who are mothers who do it with absolutely none of the perks aforementioned. I admire those who wake up everyday and do it day in and day out and still consider themselves most blessed although they don't have any of the benefits famous Moms have. I am especially in awe of single Moms. How in the world do they do it? I don't know. I have a great husband who is a wonderful father. We have an adequate income. We are not lacking anything we need. And yet every day it's a total miracle if I accomplish everything that needs to be done in my home, with my children and otherwise. How a single Mom does it is mystifying.

Here's to REAL moms who are out there raising children with no extra perks beyond the satisfaction of raising amazing human beings.

Real moms are the ones scraping the bottom of the peanut butter and jelly jars to get the very last bit out to make their kids lunch.

Real Moms are the ones making the groceries stretch until payday.

Real moms are the ones who are loading up three and four kids into SUV's and carseats by themselves without a few nannies and a TV crew following them.

Real moms are the ones who had to figure out how they were going to pay for the multiple field trips their kids are going on this month.

Real moms are the ones who are juggling their schedules to run from soccer practice to piano lessons and have to figure out how to be in two and three places at once.

Real Moms are the ones getting their kids ready for church by themselves, loading them up in the car and taking them there...and making sure they all have offering for kids church.

Real Moms are the ones who keep going despite the fact that the family couldn't afford a vacation for the last two years.

Real Moms are the real heroes.


Anonymous said…
(Sniff, Sniff) You will never know how this post has touched my heart! Thank you!
Ruth, PA
Anonymous said…
I agree with you 100%. On one hand, I say "more power to them" if they've found a way to make a living and not depend on taxpayers to fund them. But what gets me is their whole line about how "we can live debt free and have mom stay at home with the kids." Of course they can - TLC is paying for everything!!! Hats off to all you moms who do it without the cameras on you and t.v. producers buying you vacations at Disneyworld!!!
Melissa Davis said…
Pastor Deanna, I truly thank you for this post it really blessed me as a Mother. There are times I feel as though I have failed my kids because I'm not financially able to give them small things that they ask for nevertheless the big request.

I'm grateful because I have very understanding children and they dont complain but it's just my inner self that seems not to understand (smile) When I read this post it put the icing on my Mother's Day. I meant to comment sooner but time is just know permitting me to.

Thank you so very much
Anonymous said…
Just had to post again on this . Living in central, PA, we are not far from the college where Jon G. has been frequenting. Have friends at our church who attend and have observed his actions. The "happy life" that we see on TV is fake! He is flirting with young college women, away from his wife. If he has not cheated yet, he will be if he continues this pattern! Kate needs to take off the blinders!
Ruth, PA

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