Mother's Day

We gave away 74 gifts today as the finale of our mother's day service! Janice and Candy did an excellent job collecting the gifts and wrapping them for the big event. At the close of the giveaway the ladies of the church presented me with these flowers as well as a gift certificate to my fav place (Carrabbas) and a card from my life coaching ladies that was one of those "record your message" cards -- they all yelled, "happy mothers day - we love you"...and the card played "you're some kinda wonderful". They also said some really heartwarming things presenting me with was so touching!!! Here I am on stage during the service with the women who presented the gifts to me ~ left to right, Janice, Candy, me, Cathy.

When he came home from work Jordan brought me this ice cream cake he made at Dairy Queen. Cool! (Literally!)

Tomorrow night is my mother's day gift from Larry...I can't wait...I am SO excited about what he is doing for me. Can't wait to blog about it!!!


Anonymous said…
Whoo Hoo!! Love being a Mom! Our church did a neat thing this year. They made a nice donation to the Precious Life Pregnancy Crisis Center in our area! Thought it was a great idea!
Ruth, PA
Sharon said…
Sorry this is late... spent Mother's Day in Pennsylvania. Happy Mother's Day, Deanna!

Much love,