I got more responsibility!

Yes, already!

I must say I didn't expect this as I feel like I'm still learning and going by the seat of my pants some days. The last thing I expected was being entrusted with some more responsibility already.

Yesterday, the manager called and said she had something to talk to me about. Being that on Tuesday she told me, "you're great Deanna... you just don't know you're great yet!" I knew it wasn't to tell me I was fired or not producing enough this time. :-) I think I'm finally over the fear when she calls and says, "I have something I need to talk to you about." So we played phone tag yesterday but finally she connected with me this morning. And... today I was asked to also serve as training coordinator...as well as continuing my work with them as a job coach! Starting: effective immediately. My first little project was today and now I'm just going to steadily learn two jobs at once (as well as keeping my primary one - pastoring!) and hopefully become excellent at all of it.


Congratulations Deanna! What wonderful news!
Anonymous said…
Ruth, PA
susan said…
You deserve it !! Your Great at anything you do. Your the best .
Awesome! Proud of you! I knew you could do it!

You are talented and smart!
Sharon said…
Congratulations! AND Praise God! He is so good!

Much love,