Brie with D

My church ladies (especially my life coachers!) really love me. I am so blessed by them, all the time. Truly they are a bright spot in my everyday life that many times keeps me going.

On Saturday we had life coaching and a few of the ladies always bring something yummy to share. One of my favorite things that both Gayle Lechner and Janice Shehan both make is baked brie. OH MY. Warm and gooey...nothing like it. Janice makes it in a puff pastry that has a little bit of brown sugar and some kind of nuts with it, and Gayle makes it in a puff pastry with herbs. Gayle made her recipe for Saturday and surprised me by making it with a big PD on it, just for me. Notice the little "p" in the middle, "D" on the outside. When she presented it I said, "oh, does this mean it's all for me or do I have to share it?!" (LOL) It was so good it would make a tadpole slap a whale, as I often say!

I just had to grab my phone and take a quick pic of this before we cut it open and I took the first ceremonial bite. :-)


Melissa said…
Sounds yummy! The saying good it would make a tadpole slap a hilarious! I have never in my life heard that Love you girl! (check pastorpartners...left a message)