Weekend Wrap Up

I'm tired.

Fantastic day today at Northside. Phenomenal! Couldn't be any better.

Today was youth day and the kids led worship, and presented their fine arts entries. Larry preached a powerful message, and if I may say so looked hot in his "professional underground" style of dressing. I was thinkin', I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. :)

I don't think I've ever seen a more powerful human video than what the kids did today. EXCEPTIONAL. I was impressed and I'm not one to be easily impressed.

Had a great lunch at Moe's with a bunch of very special church members and friends...followed by me going home and crashing in bed with all my dress clothes on...(too tired to take them off) and slept a little too late because by the time I woke up it was almost time for the newcomers to arrive at our house for tonight's newcomer's meeting. I was racing around putting finishing touches on when they got here. First thing I heard from one of them was, "PD, you're still all dressed up!" I confessed, "well, um, I just crashed in my dress clothes and slept til' you got here."

We had a fun night getting to know some new folks better and now Teeb and I are laying here with our laptops, checking mail and a few blogs and getting ready to sleep and get up in the morning and start it off like a rocket. It's going to be a great week...