Unique Thursday

My day started bright and early this morning with a meeting and other sundry things that I needed to get done. Things have been so busy with getting ready for Easter Sunday and so many other things on my plate. I'll share more on this in the coming week or so...I promise. However today was a welcome diversion for a few hours as I spent some time this afternoon with one of my friends and church members, Candy Rivera. We've had this on the burner for a long, long time and finally today was our appointed time. We had lunch and then went and did a little shopping. (I got an outfit for Easter. Yay! Can't wait to wear it. Candy is so expert at picking out clothes -- she would make a great host for "What Not to Wear".) In addition to that she is one of the funniest people I know...a person it's impossible to be with and not laugh a WHOLE lot.

As is common with Candy, many funny things happened today (we actually had a few people in the store say, "WHAT are you ladies laughing so hard about?" because we were making such a ruckus at times.) Really, we are grown women. Please keep this in mind when I tell you this. I know some of you think I am totally dignified 100% of the time. Prepare for shock. Candy couldn't help but take a few pictures of what happened today. I'm not going to show you all of them, but here are just a few interesting ones. The first thing is that the sales clerk at a store was really, really busy and when the dressing room would lock behind me she was taking forever to come open it. It was a real pain in the neck especially when you're wanting to try on so many things. We were really sick of waiting. All of a sudden Candy says, "remember when you were a little kid and would just go under the door?" "Aha!!! BRILLIANT! " I thought. And so yes, right there I just went under the door while she snapped a photo of me doing with her cell phone and laughed so hard the entire store heard it.

Second she pointed out a necklace she wanted me to try on that went over your head instead of using a clasp. I said, "I really don't want to put this on my neck. I can tell already that I hate it." And she said, "just try it, just try it." I said, "ok, WHATEVER!" But first she had to snap a photo of me wearing it on my head like this. She said I'm a true child of the 60's/70's. (GRIN)

I'm spending some precious time on Fun Friday with Larry tomorrow and then it's back to work hitting it hard for Sunday. We are spending Saturday cleaning up some things around the church, setting up some stuff, and all kinds of last minute prep. I'm very excited for Sunday. I have quite a number of unchurched friends attending, some that I have prayed for a really long time. It's a day of divine appointments! I can't wait.


DaNella Auten said…
lol Tooooooo Funny. Life is short, live a little.
I love it! We all need days like this every once in a while! So glad you were able to LOL!
Candy said…
I had such a blast, I laughed most the time I was at work. Glad I can share my goofier side with some one who appreciates life to the fullest!!!
PR Chic said…
You're funny. I was introduced to your blog because my mom, LaDonna Jones, is constantly reading yours and posting on her own.

Thought I'd say hi. I reeaaallllllyyy want to move to Tampa. If that ever happens, I think I will have to check out your church.

Happy Easter!
PR Chic ~
C'mon over! I do have to warn you though...while your Mother IS the "dignified and refined Pastor's wife" (I am crazy about your Mom -- she rocks!), I am not. lol

So you just might want to put your seatbelt on when you come to our church...


Does your mother know you want to move to Tampa? I'm sure she does and might be heartbroken. She would miss you terribly. I know her girls mean so much to her, although I have never met you she speaks of how proud she is of you.

Blessings ~ Deanna
PR Chic said…
Quick reply! She does know I want to move. (I talk about moving, beginning a career and finding a husband every day of my life!) In fact, I would really like to work for the Tampa Bay Rays in their PR/Marketing Department. Have any connections?! (my shameless plug. . . )

~Kim Jones
LaDonnajones3@blogspot.com said…
Very funny today Deanna! I didn't realize Kimberly wrote to you on your blog.

Yeah, maybe if I were younger and could get under the door I might try it! But probably would get stuck and it wouldn't be a pretty sight! LOL