Storm warning

This morning we got the kids off to school and then a phone call came from someone in Pasco County weather advisory, telling everyone to stay inside -- that there is a serious tornado warning. Right after that, a really bad thunderstorm started. Thank God we had just taken Maddie out to go potty before the torrential downpour! (lol) This photo is an actual picture taken this morning by the Tampa Tribune, and is from the storm going on right now. Provided no one gets hurt or their property destroyed, this really isn't a bad thing. Families can spend some time indoors together and we sure do need the rain! So far I have heard of no injuries or deaths, praise God. On a personal level, it gave Larry and and I opportunity to snuggle. We went back to bed for a little bit once the call came. Now we are working on our laptops at home in the dark, listening to the rain pelting the roof. We could turn the lights on but it's rather calm and serene just sitting here in the dark.

Larry just checked and the storm warning is until 2 pm. So we are pretty much working from home today. Despite the extra snuggle time we will both actually get twice as much work done today as there won't be interruptions we get at the office.

Thank you everyone for your prayers yesterday. Things are looking a bit better with our situation. We are dealing with something with one of our children. My heart was just broken yesterday. Don't let anyone kid you, parenting is THE hardest job in the world. One thing I have realized is that it's much better not to go it alone. I mean, Larry and I have each other and we ultimately have the Lord. However, it helps to reach out to other human beings who might be able to not only pray but advise you or even talk to your child if necessary and speak into their life. I meet so many parents, even in the church, who are so private about family struggles and when it comes down to it -- prideful. They won't speak up for fear people will think they are not the perfect parent, they don't have the perfect kid, they don't have it all together. Well surprise, no one thinks you're perfect anyway so you might as well reach out and get help. In our house, we don't air our dirty laundry to everybody. I generally ask for a special prayer request without giving details but there are some people we do open up to, lay it all on the table, and ask for specific help. Yesterday there were a few angels on assignment who helped us. Praise God. I believe things will progressively get better in the days ahead through God's help and other's positive influence. I appreciate all of you and your prayers.

The Lord helped us through a family stormy yesterday and today he is helping us through a literal storm outside. We're going to be fine -- He just thought some people in Pasco County needed some more snuggle time, I guess. :-)


Anonymous said…
So glad to hear things are a bit better! I'm going to continue to pray. Yes, being a parent is the best and hardest job...and its learn as you go!

I wonder if God gave you an opportunity to slow down today...without guilt...and spend some alone time with your sweetie?

Because of Him,
Ruth, PA
Anonymous said…
Hey there, from one to another, I'm praying for you. Whatever it is, know that God will teach them from it, u can have faith for that. It is so blessed hard when they begin growing more and past what we can always control. Their choices aren't always the best. Still we love the socks off of them and remain firm in what we teach. Love you much, Sharon J
Michele said…
I am so glad I am not alone in this parenting thing- and so glad I have you and others that help me through the difficult times with your prayers and your love and your wisdom-- nope we are definately not alone in this and I am so thankful- so thankful that I know I am not perfect and do not have to be so thankful that others have been through similar things and can help me along the road just like I can help others that are going through what I may have alreayd gone through-
Love you
M said…
Hi Deanna,
You've been on my heart. Praying for you and your family. None of our children are perfect. Makes it tough though when you're in the ministry, but it shouldn't be. We think we have to the perfect husband, house, children, etc. and on and on. But we're just like everybody else trying to do the best we can with God's help.

It will get better!

Love you!