Abso-freakin-lutely ridiculous!

Well folks, if you oppose taxes, the bail out, or abortion, you are evidently being profiled as a terrorist. People who believe this way are on the watchlist of the federal homeland security. The initial report I was given is here. I also went and checked it out further and Fox News Report confirms with this. My friends, this is real as crazy as it might seem. If you want to read more about it simply google "homeland security report" or "homeland security report radicalization" and I found a plethora of info backing up what would seem to be upon first glance a crazy report.

I cannot be any more disheartened about the downturn our country is taking. Stop the insanity!!! Nothing would shock me next...

Even so Lord Jesus come.


DaNella Auten said…
I couldn't agree more!
LAURIE said…
We need to be alert and awake for I truly believe we are in the last days....Laurie
Anonymous said…
A dear writer who attends our church wrote a recent article in the religious section of our local paper. The focus was Rev. 21:1 She stated that she had read that verse a hundred times but this time it slapped her in the face.
Scientists and naturalists are perplexed because waters are startng to dry. She believes the "birth pains" of a new earth have begun. And if this is true, then Christ's return is just around the corner!
Can't Wait!!!
Ruth, PA